• Supermodels Unlimited, 10 Must-Visit Spas

“Studio Esthetique offers high-tech cosmetic laser treatments, esthetic medicine and body care. This was by far our staff’s favorite spa. Supermodels Unlimited account specialist had a wonderful experience receiving a chemical peel, facial and massage during our visit. Our editor-in-chief watched several laser treatments and was highly impressed with the knowledgeable team at Studio Esthetique. Their friendliness and expertise made us want to return. Okay, so the Botox and cellulite treatments encourage us, too.”

  • New York Post, Hidden Bronx

“…Studio Esthetique Cosmetic Laser Center and Medical Spa, a Manhattan-esque skin-treatment center offers downtown services at Bronx prices…”.

  • Supermodels Unlimited, 10 Must-Visit Spas

“Studio Esthetique is one of the top spas in the country…guaranteed to pamper and please, leaving you stress free.”

  • The Bronx Journal, Pampering Not Just For The Rich

“Interested in Laser Hair Removal, Botox injections or traditional spa services…concerned with staying beautiful and looking youthful? Studio Esthetique is your choice and it is affordable…”.

  • The Riverdale Press, Skin Salvation

“Sun, stress, aging and acne often affect skin and self-esteem. Studio Esthetique of Riverdale offers treatments to correct flaws that interfere with self-image and personal esthetics”.

  • The Riverdale Press

“Studio Esthetique treatments include facials, waxing, cosmetic fillers, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal and laser removal of brown and age spots. Acne care is also provided. Studio Esthetique offers free consultation and skin analysis with computerized equipment and treats men and women”.

  • The Riverdale Press, You Won’t Be Young, But You’ll Look Younger

“If you are fighting aging, wrinkles and the slow drum beat of time, Studio Esthetique has the services and products that can turn the battle in your favor”.

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