Juvederm is an injectable filler that is used to correct and smooth away1 facial lines and wrinkles and to restore volume loss due to aging. If you’ve tried creams and lasers, but still have facial wrinkles, fine lines, and folds, look no more.

Juvederm is safe, effective and FDA-approved. It is made of hyaluronic acid, substance naturally present in human skin. Hyaluronic acid's main purpose is to retain skin's moisture and maintain volume. When Juvederm is injected into the skin, you can see lines and wrinkles disappear in front of your eyes. Results lasts from six months to a year. Expect to look and feel lifted and at list 5 years younger immediately after Juvederm treatment.

Treatment Areas

  • Smile Lines and Marionette Lines
  • Cheek Enlangment
  • Lip Enhancement
  • Dark Circles
  • Acne Scars
  • Hand Rejuvenation

Juvederm Results

Juvederm Lips Augmentation - Before
Juvederm Lips Augmentation - After
Juvederm Lips - Before
Juvederm Lips - After
Juvederm Lips Injections - After
Juvederm Lips Injections - Before
Juvederm Marionette Lines - Before
Juvederm Marionette Lines - After
Juvederm Nasolabial Folds Lips - Before
Juvederm Nasolabial Folds Lips - After
Juvederm Smile Lines Chin - Before
Juvederm Smile Lines Chin - After

Are there different Juvederm gels?
Juvederm XC comes in different varieties: a thinner Juvederm Ultra gel is used for lip injections and to correct moderate and superficial lines of the face, such as smile lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Denser gel, Juvederm Ultra Plus or Juvederm Voluma are used for correction of deeper wrinkles and folds and for cheek volume correction.
How Does Juvederm Work?
Juvederm is injected under the surface of your skin, into your facial wrinkles, fine lines, or folds. Once injected, it brings water to the surrounding area and helps lift and add volume to your skin. As a result, the lines and wrinkles smooth out giving your skin more youthful appearance.
Is Juvederm Treatment Painful?
Juvederm is injected into your skin using a fine needle. This may cause some unpleasant sensations. However, the pain is minimal. To help the alleviate this discomfort further, topical numbing agent can be applied ten to fifteen minutes prior to the procedure.
Is Juvederm Safe?
Juvederm is injected millions and millions of times every year. It is one of the safest cosmetic injectables on the market. While side effects may include some redness, tenderness, bruising, or minor pain at the injection site, these usually disappear within 3 to 7 days. More serious side effects are rare. Moreover, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are safe and effective for all skin types and are often a filler of choice in persons of color.
How Long Does the Treatment Take?
Juvederm injections take as little as 15 minutes, which is remarkable since the results can last up to 1 year1 .
How Do I know if Juvederm is Right For Me?
Juvederm and other hyaluronic acid gels are considered gold standard treatments for correction of age-related facial line and wrinkles. Juvederm is also highly popular for lip enhancement and augmentation. If you are concerned about your aging skin or want to learn more about lip augmentation, please contact our office to arrange a Free Juvederm consultation appointment.
Interested in Juvederm, but not sure if you can afford it?
Juvederm treatment is so popular because it is very affordable and provides immediate results.
Studio Esthetique offers Free Juvederm consultations to evaluate your skin and determine your needs. Consultations are used to discuss your goals, help you learn about the procedure, and answer all of your questions. You can start your treatment the same day.

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Disclaimer: The information on this web page is a general description of a medical treatment and does not provide result guarantees. Individual results may vary.

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