IPL PhotoFacial or FotoFacial is the gold standard procedure for the treatment of photo aging, sun damage, pigmentation, acne and rosacea.

IPL PhotoFacial was developed to prevent and reverse the effects of skin aging1,2,3,4 . It is one of the most sought after treatments due to its safety and effectiveness. In only 3-5 treatments it can remove 80-90% of rosacea related redness or sun related pigmentation. It can be successfully used to treat the face, neck, chest, hands, shoulders and back. IPL PhotoFacial provides dramatic results for such common skin conditions as:


How IPL Photofacial Treatment works?
The laser emits a broad spectrum of light called Intense Pulsed Light that gently heats up the skin. As photo rejuvenation light gets absorbed by the skin, it targets melanin responsible for sun damage and pigmentation, p. acne bacteria responsible for acne and hemoglobin responsible for spider veins and skin redness. Just a few days after the treatment, excessive skin pigmentation begins to fade. The reduction in sun damage is accompanied by a dramatic reduction in skin redness. IPL photofacial is the treatment of choice for acne and for treating wrinkles and fine lines.
How Many IPL Photofacial (FotoFacial) Treatments Will I Need?
All treatment protocols are individualized based on the condition treated. However, a typical photofacial treatment protocol includes a series of four to six treatment sessions. For optimal results, IPL Photofacial is often combined with microdermabrasion, chemical peels, botox injections, cosmetic filler injections and skin tightening treatments.
What Body Area Can IPL Photofacial Treat?
IPL photofacial is effectively used on any part of the body including face, neck, chest hands and shoulders. The most popular areas are face, decollate and hands. However, we often treat back acne and upper or the lower arms for sun related pigmentation.
Is IPL Photofacial (FotoFacial) Painful?
IPL Photofacial is a lunch time treatment that does not require anesthesia and is best described as gentle heating of the skin. To prepare your skin for a photofacial procedure, your technician will thoroughly cleanse and degrease your skin. The treatment will take 20 to 40 minutes. Post-treatment the skin may fill warm for a few hours. You can reapply your make up immediately after the treatment.
Interested in IPL Photofacial, But Not Sure If You Can Afford It?
IPL Photofacial treatments are priced based on the areas treated. They are very affordable and extremely effective procedures that could be performed as individual treatments or in combination with other therapies. An appointment for a Free Consultation can be arranged several days or a week in advance. Consultations are used to discuss your goals, help you learn about the procedures and answer all your questions. Treatment may be started on the same day.

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Disclaimer: The information on this web page is a general description of a medical treatment and does not provide result guarantees. Individual results may vary.

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