Professional, amateur and medical tattoos are some of the most often tattoos to be removed. Laser tattoo removal is a method of choice for removing all types of unwanted tattoos. Amateur, professional or traumatic tattoos can all be removed safely and effectively using the latest generation of Q-switched NG:Yag lasers specifically developed just for tattoo removal1 .

Professional Tattoo

Professional Tattoos are an art form. They are accepted and encouraged in certain cultures and are very popular in others. As opposed to amateur, professional tattoos are characterized by utilizing better quality ink (pigment), depositing it deeper in the skin, using multiple colors and stacking up layers of pigment on top of each other for better color density and longevity of the tattoo. All of these factors make removal of the professionally created tattoos more challenging. However, using the latest generation of tattoo removal lasers we can removal all types of tattoos, even professional tattoos.
Amateur Tattoo
Amateur Tattoos usually placed by non-professionals. These tattoos are again easier to removal then work done a professional tattoo artist. The ink or pigment used in amateur tattooing is deposited more superficially and with less density. Therefore, it typically is removed in only a few treatments.
Medical Tattoo
Medical Tattoos are a tattoos created by a medical professional for medical purposes. Medical tattoos are commonly used in radiation therapy to define treatment areas. They are small, superficial and relatively easy to remove.
Traumatic Tattoo
Traumatic Tattoos are caused by debris healed inside a wound resulting in pigmentation and discoloration. Traumatic tattoos are typically a result of an accident. Most common examples of acquiring traumatic tattoos are run and fall accidents (traumatic tattoos on the knee, elbow, chin and palm areas); bicycle or motorcycle falls (tattoos on knees, thighs or shoulders) and pencil punctures (tattoos on the legs and buttocks). All of these instances are successfully treated with only few treatments.
Cosmetic Tattoo
Cosmetic Tattoos otherwise known as Permanent Make-Up are used to reduce or replace the need for daily make-up application of lipstick, lip liner, blush, eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. Cosmetic tattoos are also used to camouflage skin discoloration and to replace or redefine a nipple after breast augmentation or reconstruction surgery. Cosmetic tattoos can be successfully removed with an exception of the eyeliners (tattoo removal is not performed around the eye areas).

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