Google Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Alex M., Analyst

“I thought Botox is great. I decided to try laser for ingrown hairs on the face. My skin is clean as if I never had ingrowns”.

Google Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Julia K., MD

“Studio Esthetique is the place for all your skin needs. They have the knowledge and the tools to deliver the best results…”.

Facebook Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Mehnaz Chowdhury

"Just as a background, I live in Riverdale and was previously going all the way to Long Island to Perfect Body Laser for Fraxel treatments. I had no problem with that location, but just wanted something closer after all my treatments were done. I really wanted to like Studio Esthetique, since it is so close to me. The office is mediocore, nowhere near as luxurious as Perfect Body. I went in and had requested treatments something similar to Fraxel dual treatments for my acne scars on my face. I paid $400 for full face treatments at perfect body. They did not have any Fraxel machines, so they suggested Pixel laser. I thought why not try something else if they say it works similarly. So the treatment day comes, and everything is fine, but immediately I can tell this treatment is nowhere at the same level and even the aesthetician who was numbing my face said the same. I also requested instructions on post treatment, and she nothing to provide me, not to mention she had to google it. So disappointed in this place. Oh, also they charged me $350 for half face only and didnt even go over my upper lip or nose. When I requested my refund they said they were sorry to hear me go but pixel is the same as fraxel. It might be the same machine mechanics, but no where near the same results. A quick google search will result in support to my statement. I wanted to post the URL, but facebook isn't allowing me to. I'm giving it 2 stars, because I've only been a laser client of theirs not any other services."

Google Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Annette J., RN

“A friend referred me to Studio Esthetique. I was looking for a Laser Hair Removal Center and truly believe found one of the best ones. Excellent service, no sales pressure, very good prices and no hair”.

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Alisande S., Pelham, NY

"I first visited the studio in 2009 for Botox. I soon would switch to Dysport. Being in the medical field myself, I want to point out that comfort, cleanliness and integrity matter. All 3 and more have always been found here. Vladimir IS an expert at what he does. You won't get ripped off here either rather rewarded for referring friends. Nice. My results this morning with Restylane were immediate! I was wowed! While driving home the effects kept coming through. I very happy with how youthful my face looks now. You feel included in the change that is happening which is so comforting. This is a very mindful and caring professional by how he talks to his staff. That is important to me. I plan to come back for a micro dermabrasion and tattoo removal as well as a friend of mine."

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Mary V., Greenwich, CT

“Vladimir really knows what he is doing. I have been getting Juvederm and Restylane for years in Manhattan and LA. I am very happy with the results and will be a lifetime client as I long as I live in this area. Was great experience in every aspect.”

Google Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Simone C., Bronx, NY

“If you want to take care your face skin, your body and look younger, I highly recommend Studio Esthetique. I am have some skin problems and I had a hard time to find some places who knows how to take care of dark skin people. I have been coming to Studio Esthetique and I had a great results. Rejane, a registered nurse is fantastic, caring and honest. She is doing a great job and she has taught me well how to take care off my skin. Rejane and Vladimir, Nurse Practitioner are providing the best cosmetic treatment such as botox, fillers, peels, skin tightening and others. Studio Esthetique is a nice place to go to, has competent professionals and is very clean.”

Google Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Kateryna H., Stamford, CT

“I have been coming to this place for a few years now, and I absolutely love it. I have a very sensitive skin around my eyes not forget to mention the dark circles.... my main concern. Vladimir and his team helped me to find the best treatments and products to make my skin look and feel radiant. Studio Esthetique also, has a great variety of skin care products that are absolutely amazing. I can't say enough, thank you guys so much !!”

Google Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Jane M., Teacher

“I used to have a lot of breakouts on the face and back. I have heard about Studio Esthetique before. Finally, I decided to go for a free consultation. Three months later, my skin is great and I have no breakouts. Thank you, Studio Esthetique ”.

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Zach R.

Wonderful experience from beginning to end! The staff along with Vladamir were incredibly helpful and pleasant, and never once did I feel pressured to buy anything. I've been getting Botox injections for years but have never had such a thorough consultation to the "why" and "where" the injections are made (in case you were curious). Going with Vladamir's recommendations of trying Dysport over Botox was a great decision - a much more natural look! I also inquired about using filler to mask the dark circles under my eyes as I've been told for years that mine were "too far gone" for filler to help. Vladamir disagreed and 1 vial of Restylane later, I look and feel so much better!

Great experience and fair prices - highly recommend!

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Wingchun D.

My wife and I have been coming here for almost 20 years. She first started with laser hair removal and this place was one of the few that had a laser for dark skin people. Previously my wife had been getting medieval electrolysis with crappy results. The hair I used to eagerly pluck from her face, chin and neck are now all gone except for a few "white" stragglers. I've had Botox, restylane, and Sculptra, which is freaking amazing for plumping up middle-aged cheeks all with great results. None of this is cheep but you get what you pay for. Old Chinese saying: 'Buy the best and cry once!" Vladimir is an artist. His work is natural looking and he holds a Nurse Practitioners license. He also has some showbiz clients as well. If you want to turn back the clock on aging [in appearance anyway] this is the place to do it!

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Courtney C.

When I walked into Studio Esthetique over a year ago for laser hair treatment, I was terrified. My mother dragged me here after years of my complaints about embarrassing facial hair. I was skeptical to have anything done about it after so many horror stories I've heard and advice from others who said my skin was too dark to have laser treatments. I was terrified to have such a procedure done on my face and was literally in tears before my consultation even started.

Rejane made me feel super comfortable and wasn't pushy. She detailed her years of experience as an esthetician and explained how it works with my dark skin. She was super patient during my unnecessary freak-out and I was surprised at how un-painful and quick the procedure was. All of her treatments have been just as gentle and focused as the first. When she was unable to service me during one of my subsequent visits, I was worried that my experience would change, but Vladamir was just as amazing. He picked up right where she left off, and knew exactly where my trouble spots were. When I come here the staff makes me feel as if I am their most important client!

This place is super clean and peaceful. Overall their customer service is excellent and the staff that schedules and answers the phone is stellar! They are always friendly, warm and accommodating when I have to change my appointment or I am running late. I received a package deal, and they've been flexible with how/when I make payments which has been very helpful. It amazes me how they always take me at my exact scheduled time- I almost never have to wait when I walk in. If I could give more than 5 stars I would- this place provides top service and immediate results.

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Aura C.

Today was my first visit. I was able to receive a consultation and treatment.

First of, the receptionist is very receiving. I was lost, and she was willing to stay on the phone with me and help. She is kind, considerate, and patient. Those are great qualities in a person.

Second, the consultation wasn't as nerve wrecking as I had presumed. I was slightly nervous but even Rejane Duarte was as sweet as a button, soft spoken, kind, considerate, and best of all, she was not pushy, overwhelming, or overbearing. It is a comfortable setting and environment.

When everyone is generally kind, everything else feels calm. So needless to say, my first appointment went very well. I will follow up as far as progress with treatment. As today was my first appointment, I want to give a true account of treatment progress over a more realistic time frame. So over time, I will offer a couple reviews concerning the progress of my treatments (but I understand that treatments vary from person to person and results will too).

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Minerva D.

I visited Studio Esthetique for the first time last and had a minimally invasive procedure with Nurse Rejane. She was very professional and caring. This year I had the great privilege of meeting the owner himself, Vladimir. He was extremely attentive to my needs, took the time to discuss my options and was even considerate of what I could/could not afford. I opted for a filler and was pleasantly surprised to announce that it was completely PAINLESS. I will definitely return for other services because Vladimir and his team have the magic touch!

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Rachel S.

I love it here! They are in my building which is amazing! I've had several treatments done, and they were all amazing! The office is very clean and trendy. I will definitely continue to go back here for all my beauty needs!

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Michelle H.

I just called the office to reschedule an appt out of concern over some dental work the day after original appt.
The receptionist was so accommodating and helpful and well I am giving them 5 stars BEFORE I EVEN have any work done !!!!

Thank you for putting my mind at ease and I just want to say that customer service in any field is an important aspect. I look forward to my appointment !

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Irene y.

If you look for a skin care professional, look no further.
I saw Studio Eshtetique in the news. I went on the internet, found their number and arranged an appointment. What a great decision that was. The staff is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. After only two facial treatments my skin looks new, fresh, and youthful again. I also learned a lot about my skin and how to care for it. The cosmetologist recommended a perfect cosmetic product regimen for home use. What a difference when the products are selected by a professional, fit your skin and address your needs. Now I am going to have a LaserFacial to address redness and reduce pore size.

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Lisa M.

Tried this location in White Plains on a Saturday. Free client parking in the rear of the building. Saturday hours are a huge plus for me since I work all week. Very impressed with the staff and facilities. Vladamir is very friendly and knowledgeable. Super nice, friendly and helpful front office receptionist who made sure I was comfortable and happy during my appointment. Will return for future services. Highly recommend.

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Katey J.

Love this place. I have been going here for years. Vladimir is awesome he will solve all of your your beauty issues!

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Kira M.

Though it may not be in the most convenient location, Studio Esthetique is my go-to salon/spa. (They have convenient Saturday and (relatively) late weeknight hours for working girls.) My very first appointment was for a laser hair removal treatment. My esthetician, Natasha, walked me through the process. She's immediately likeable with her bubbly personality, but her delivery of opinions and prognoses in a refreshingly realistic manner is what led me to really trust her.

I later graduated to facials (as three dermatologists that I tried have been worse than useless), which delivered significant results. Natasha closely examined my skin to determine which type of service would be right for me and described (in layman's terms) the functions of the ingredients present in the various tonics she would be administering. She also recommended (but didn't push) a skin-care regimen, which I gradually turned on to and now refuse to stray from.

Though I have had the most dealings with Natasha, the other staff members that I have met (Vladimir - owner, Ivona - esthetician and Krystal - receptionist) have been extremely helpful, welcoming and friendly.

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Basha Q.

A place that is not only good for the body but good for the soul. Vladamir is a man who genuinely likes women. Never pushy to sell a product or never too busy to listen to what you would like to have done. He approaches his work as a professional but also as an artist. He takes time to do the job correctly if it is restalyne or any other face sculpting technique.

The staff is courteous and welcoming. You never have to wait long for an appointment and the prices are quite reasonable. The salon is sleek, modern and immaculately clean. This is a great place for any of your beauty needs. I have tried others, but I keep coming back here for a "tune up." They know what they are doing.

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Kate L.

This Medical Spa is just awesome! they provide great professional service and good price! I did my tattoo removal and i didnt know where and how to start so they offered free consultation and i had the first treatment the same day. The tattoo was half gone after it!i just couldnt believe it!
they also offer other services as laser hair removal, all kinds of facials, Botox and just miracle to make you look beautiful:)
thanks to Vlad he is the real Guru!

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Tara D.

Went here because there was a great deal through It was for a european facial, eye mask, and aromatherapy for $30 (original $105). The staff were really friendly and the woman who did my facial was knowledgeable and thorough. They showed the products for sale but did not push it. It was one of the better facials I have gotten. I enjoyed it more than the facial I received at Red Door. Highly recommended, I will definitely go again!

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Cassandra D.

This place is a hidden gem! I live in midtown Manhattan and make the trip up to Riverdale to see Vladimir, who is absolutely amazing! When I hit my late 20's I figured I'd start getting some botox and filler tweaks. I tried a couple of the big name dermatologists in Manhattan and unfortunately had terrible results. Thankfully botox and filler typically wear off, but I still have a permanent bump under my right eye due to an improper injection of juvederm that my body has now encapsulated. I had given up hope on using injectables, when a girlfriend of mine recommended I try Vladimir at Studio Esthetique. He is seriously an injectables artist! He is so caring, knowledgable, and actually took time to thoroughly access my face before administering any injections. I also love that he's not pushy at all and actually prefers to use as little product as necessary to get the job done. Not only did I end up with beautiful, natural looking results, but it cost a fraction of what docs charge in the city. I can't recommend him enough!!

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Sharon M.

I've been coming to Studio Esthetique for years, although not as often as I'd like to. I agree with all the other 5-star reviewers - friendly, professional, knowledgeable, non-pushy, immaculate, relaxing - there's nothing negative to say about a place this wonderful! I tend to save my self-indulgence for the winter when I really need a pick-me-up of facial and massage, but if you haven't been here before, don't wait for bad weather!

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Julia B.

I've been going to Vladimir for 10 years and so happy he now has Manhattan location - so convenient for those of us who work/live in the city. Needless to say, the level of service is superb, as always.

Google Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Tatiana Borinos

Wonderful place to go for your cosmetic needs . I was very skeptical at first and apprehensive about the “artificial “ look; however, Vladimir is amazing in his gentle, thoughtful approach. He would explain and advise , never push his recommendations.
I could compare him to a talented artist who, with his skillful touch, restores your natural beauty. Love coming here, feel always welcomed and cared for. Would recommend Studio Esthetique very highly.

Google Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Sandra R

Very clean and professional. Highly recommend coming here.

Facebook Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Katya Katerina

I absolutely love getting pampered at Studio Esthetique! I've been getting a several facial treatments for a few years now and I am always happy with the result! Thank you Vladimir and thank you, Studio Esthetique for making me look my absolute best!

Facebook Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Kyle Goffney

"Been coming to Studio Esthetique for years! This is my before and after, and I forever grateful for the results. My confidence and life has improved with my clear skin. As a model, clear skin is pertinent for me to book. Thank you Studio Esthetique for saving my face"

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Jean S.

Just had my first visit to the White Plains office and was very impressed with the professional staff and the overall environment of the medical spa.
My other medical spa experience was totally different from this one. And although pleasant, it was not very focused on hitting any mark. This place was quite versed at probing for client goals, matching them with best results available and remaining sensitive to efficiency and price.
Vladamir was very well versed on all the different products, and willing to explain the key concepts 're: the world of cosmetic products until I could decide what Made sense for me, now and perhaps in the future. Without telling me what to do, I felt that I could see for myself the right product based on highlights and key features and benefits.
The decision worked out great, with insight from Vladaamir, and I would definitely return. They provide the results they say they can w/out overcharge you for doing so.

Yelp Ratings for Studio Esthetique

  • Alex M.

Beautiful facility on a central location with free parking. Generally same services as other medispas, at better prices.

Call 888-850-5225 today to arrange a Free Cosmetic Consultation.