Studio Esthetique brings you the most advanced day spa facial treatments available. Individual approach is the key element of every preventative, restorative or pampering skin treatment we offer. Studio Esthetique's highly experienced aestheticians will analyze your skin and help you select the most suitable facial treatment protocol using the highest quality professional products. Regular facial treatments are important to prevent skin aging, acne and acne scars as well as to correct sun damage, skin dehydration and uneven skin tone. After the treatment you will feel clean and rejuvenated with your skin fully hydrated and glowing.

Medical Facial

  • Acne Prevention Facial
  • Teen Facial
  • Back Facial
  • Skin Lightning Facial
  • Oxygen Facial
  • Enzyme Facial
  • Laser Facial
Spa Facial
  • Classic European Facial
  • Studio Esthetique Deep Cleansing Facial
  • Rejuvenating Facial For Men
  • Anti-Aging / Lifting / Firming Facial
  • Sensitive Skin / Anti-Redness Facial
  • Hydrating Facial
  • Vitamin "C" Anti-Oxidant Facial
  • Organic Facial

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Disclaimer: The information on this web page is a general description of a medical treatment and does not provide result guarantees. Individual results may vary.